We Help People Seeking Peace Of Mind

At Matthews and Grieco, we commit ourselves to helping you address your legal needs effectively and efficiently. We do that by working with you on a personalized basis so we know you and you know us.

Experienced Legal Judgment

If you are worried or confused, then you are like many people who regularly seek our help. With more than 30 years of experience to our credit, we know how to help people.

Further, that experience means we have seasoned legal judgment. We know how to advise you intelligently as to how the general law applies to your unique situation.

Reach Out To Us

Learn more about our firm can help you. Call to schedule your free initial appointment: 845-331-0650. You can also contact us online.

We also know how to advise you depending on who else is involved in your case. We know how judges and other attorneys in our area have approached cases similar to yours in the past. As a result, whether we advise you to protect your rights through negotiation, settlement or trial, you will know you have received guidance from experienced professionals who know how the law works.

As part of delivering our personalized service to you, we dedicate one paralegal to your case. That paralegal knows your case and provides you with access to our firm.

When you arrive at our firm, our firm's lawyer, Bob Grieco, meets with you personally. You will also meet your paralegal during that time.

We emphasize personalized service because it enables us to provide you with a legal strategy responsive to your unique needs. We can help you with estate planning and probate, real estate, municipal law and business law.